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 Membership @IHGCM

Interested in becoming a member of IN HIS GLORY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES (IHGCM)?

Everyone "belongs" at IHGCM, but maybe you are ready to make it official.

At IHGCM, we see membership as a significant spiritual decision. It’s an ongoing commitment to participate in the life and ministry of our church family.

If you have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and seek to be and make authentic followers of Christ, it will be our privilege to welcome you as a member!

Individuals may join the church by Profession of Faith and Baptism (for those who have never been baptized); by Reaffirmation of Faith (for those who are not currently active members of another Christian church); or by Transfer of Church Letter (for those on the active roll of another church.) Individuals may also choose to join as an Affiliate Member, meant for those who are in the area on a short-term basis but are active church members elsewhere or live in another state and participates remotely.  It carries all the privileges of active membership except the right to vote in congregational meetings and hold church office.


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